ITP Camp 2016

Clock Club

Session Leaders: Tom Igoe Jeff F Ben Light

Tags: #clocks #time #electronics #mechanics

Created By: Tom Igoe

We have an obsession with clocks and timepieces, and we\'ve been had a various clock ideas on our to-do lists forever. So a few months ago, we decided to make a regular habit of getting together to share our ideas, the techniques we\'ve learned, and the projects that have inspired us. We share electronic and mechanical tips and tricks with each other, as well as historical methods we find, tools we run across, and anything else that can move us along.

We\'re planning to hold two meetings of Clock Club during ITP camp. In these sessions, we\'ll share what we\'ve got so far, and talk about project ideas, ours and yours. There\'s no specific agenda to the session, except to move each other further along on realizing some of our clock ideas. If you share this obsession, come along.

We\'ll assume you have a basic familiarity with electronics, microcontrollers (or at least Arduino) and have tried some of the fabrication tools, like the laser cutter. This isn\'t an explicitly skill-building session, but we\'ll do our best to answer technical questions as they arise.

This repo will have more in it by the time camp rolls around.


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