ITP Camp 2017

[OUTDOORS] Berry Foraging in Brooklyn and discussing Urban Fruit Sensors

Session Leaders: Andy Quitmeyer

Tags: #brooklyn #meetinbrooklynforaging #ants #nature #sensors

Created By: Andy Quitmeyer

NOTE: We will meet at pebble beach in brooklyn, right below the Manhattan Bridge!

There's free fruit all around our cities! I've been in NYC for 2 days and have already found massive bushes full of service berries and mulberries. I got the "fruit eyes" for seeing awesome fruit from my work with Concrete Jungle in atlanta: who pick fruit and give to homeless shelters.

They are working on cool problems with distributed sensors like making low-costs noses for smelling if fruit is ripe, or working with bend sensors on trees. I won't have any of this tech with me when we forage, but we can get some hands-on experience with the foraging, and talk about designing tech for the many interesting problems that come up! (Their research: )

I will have tarps, maybe bring a container to hold lots of berries in (think like a strawberry container!)

If we finish early (which we probably won't) there's more berries near Gowanus Whole Foods


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Chris June 8, 2017, 9:37 pm

This looks amazing, I hope someone is documenting, sorry I have something at 10 am.

leandra June 9, 2017, 10:01 am

running 10 mins late, be there soon!