ITP Camp 2017

Machines Learning Movements

Session Leaders: Kat Sullivan

Tags: #machine-learning #movement #motion-capture

Created By: Kat Sullivan

What do machine learning, visual art, and motion capture have in common?

Come find out at this workshop! We will first write some code to record skeleton movement with a Kinect or perceptron neuron suit. Then we will record multiple people doing the same gestures. We will then use a python machine learning library to "learn" these gestures, and finally write simple sketches that are triggered by the gestures we taught to the machine.


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Kat Sullivan June 19, 2017, 8:05 pm

Hey guys! I\'m so excited to see so many of you are excited for machines learning movement!

Here\'s a couple of notes:
1) Please bring a Kinect 2 to class, we won\'t have enough for everyone so if you can\'t get one please find a friend that does.
2) Because we are using the Kinect 2 we\'ll be using Windows. If you have a Windows computer please bring it! Else, grab one from the ER.
3) Please have Processing and Python installed on your machines ahead of time.

See you all tomorrow!