ITP Camp 2017

Screen Printing for Curious Makers and Visual Adventurers

Session Leaders: Jared Friedman

Tags: #silkscreen #printing #fine art #wearables

Created By: Jared Friedman

Silkscreen printing is arguably the most versatile print medium in the world, with a huge range of applications from fine art to fashion to technology, and countless combinations of all three. It's simple to learn, and allows the practitioner to transfer nearly any substance to any surface in any design.

This workshop will teach campers how to go from a physical or digital image to a usable screen to a finished print, using a setup and materials that can be purchased for less than 100.00 and employed in even the most cramped apartment.

And we'll make a t-shirt and/or poster for ITP Camp, incorporating images from all participants, so bring a picture you'd like to contribute.

If you want a shirt (and really, why wouldn't you?), copy this address into your browser:

go there and add your name and your t-shirt size.


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Annie M June 21, 2017, 3:36 pm

Hey Jared -- can you please link the slides from yesterday? Thanks!