ITP Camp 2017

Autonomous Vehicles... (0_o)/...LOOK OUT!

Don't look now, but autonomous vehicles ("AV's", a.k.a, "driverless cars") and drones are on the road and in the sky delivering gluten-free catering to various VC meetings in Mountain View, and death from above in various locations globally. So, what will happen to our fair New York City? Who needs AV's? What will happen to drunk drivers? Parking lots? Vehicle ownership? Transportation for the sightless? Will I finally get my flying car? Join Towhee Co & JC Fab Lab founder Eric Nadler for a hand's on session of building simple scale-model autonomous vehicles using the Towhee Co. Model A car and some off-the shelf control components from Sam Labs. We'll then spend some time looking at what's on the horizon at the mainstream car manufacturers and at the businesses who are currently thinking about how to create the future with this fear-inducing technology.


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