ITP Camp 2017

How to make your own original content using 360 video to educate and entertain

Join me (and mango and sticky rice) for a a discussion of:

  • spatial sound in 360 and why it matters to a user's experience
  • a "hands on" demoing the three 360 cameras and equipment I've used
  • tips and tricks about using the different cameras for various purposes
  • some original footage from Thailand that I shot last year, which is both educational (about human trafficking) and entertaining (some fun short clips of traveling there.)
  • the process of establishing shot lists, scripting the story you want to tell/the experience you want the user to have
  • the equipment needed for a successful shoot, and the costs, work arounds, etc. information about how to avoid common mistakes in shooting to make your editing process easier
  • how to edit your footage (on some phones, with some computer software, etc)
  • compatible headsets
  • Q&A

Basically, I'll be teaching what I've learned over the past year using the Gear 360 camera when it was only available from Korea, and the instructions were in Korean. Haha! I learned what I know by jumping in and using the cameras, and creating new content from scratch while working in Thailand. I promise it will be fun and you will learn something, and will definitely want to travel to/or go back to Thailand! It's such a wonderful country and was the perfect first place to shoot!


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