ITP Camp 2017

ITPower & Enertive API: Visualizing Real-time Energy Usage on ITP Floor

Session Leaders: Yining Shi Jingwen Zhu

Tags: #JavaScript #p5.js #Node.js #Express.js #code

Created By: Yining Shi

ITPower is an research group that aims to make the ITP community aware of, and reflect on the energy usage on the ITP floor. In this workshop, we are going to build a simple web application that can visualize the real-time power usage on the ITP floor!

We will use node.js, express.js, p5.js and Enertive API to build the application. So if you would like to know more about how to build a web server, or how to use an API, this workshop is perfect for you. We will explain the basics from the beginning! Check this repository to know more about this workshop.


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