ITP Camp 2017

Document Your Project: How to Shoot and Edit Video for Your Art Project

Session Leaders: Alex Wagner

Tags: #video #production #documentary

Created By: Alex Wagner

A workshop discussing how to document your coding/hacking/art project using documentary filmmaking techniques. For instance, you may want to document your project for explanatory, archival, or fundraising purposes.

Topics include how to plan and film broadcast-quality video interviews, ways to cover an event or performance, working with the equipment that you've got, and utilizing social media to build support and interest in a project, with a focus on Twitter and Snapchat.

I'll propose some best practices as far as workflow as well.

Examples of well-documented coding, hacking, and other art projects will be shown and there will be some hands on bits as well.


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Alex Wagner June 6, 2017, 11:06 pm

Hey guys, the \"email everyone\" function isn\'t working in my browser, but just wanted to ask that everyone comes with Adobe Premiere installed on their laptops because that will be a significant portion of the class.

Thanks and see you all tomorrow!!