ITP Camp 2017

(Talk) Hacking the Wild and Weird: Physical Computing Meets Reality TV

I ended up starring in an international television show called "Hacking the Wild" release on Discovery's multiple networks. They saw me building electronics in the wild with scientists, and ended up with a quirky show where I am forced to survive by constantly pulling apart laptops.

I'll give a fun talk that pulls back the curtain and goes over the history of this weird TV show, and all the strangenesses that occur during a high-stakes, intense film production that basically relies on interaction design. I'll share clips (many never before seen) from my experience, and do a Q and A about some really strange experiences.

This talk is a must see for anyone wanting survival tricks and tips when being kidnapped by hollywood producers to work on a survival show.


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Alex Wagner May 30, 2017, 6:34 pm

Neeeeeat X-D