ITP Camp 2017

O No Robots: Kinetic Sculpture 101

Session Leaders: Alex L

Tags: #kinetic #art #fabrication #laser #cnc

Created By: Alex L

HEY LOOK AT THIS: Slides and SOME notes from the class!

^^^^^^ LOOK UP ^^^^^^

Robots are pretty cool, but learning to make them can be a challenge. So many moving parts! So little time! Why make a robot? Are they even engaging if a phone is also present at the same time? Are video games a better bet?

Let's talk about popular parts and where to find them, design techniques and tools available, and how to think about making machines that do nothing.

The first fifteen minutes to forty-five is talking, and after that is prototyping. This will work best if you keep your head up and bring a dead printer or a busted scanner or a dead Swiffer wet-jet, etc.

We will cover:

  • trash diving for motors
  • choosing robot movements and defying physics
  • impractical considerations of installation
  • SolveSpace, a free CAD software available Mac, PC, and Linux

There will absolutely be killer robots jokes.


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