ITP Camp 2017

DIY Circuit Design Part 1

Session Leaders: Abhishek S

Tags: #circuit design #eagle

Created By: Abhishek S

Learn all the tools to build your own circuits from scratch. We'll start by learning how to use Eagle to draw our schematic and design our boards. We'll follow that by etching and populating our boards using tools and materials that you can use at home.

In part 1 we'll create a simple circuit on a breadboard, and then create that schematic in Eagle

In part 2 we'll learn all the processes to etch and populate our boards

P.S Ideally I want to split this into 2 sessions as there is a lot of stuff to get through. Also since we're going to be acid etching the boards, I would like to place a limit on part 2 of the session. I can do groups of people back to back if needed but ideally would want to restrict it to 10 people each session due to safety. I can do part 2 on Sunday june 18, but haven't proposed it yet incase we need to figure things out before.


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