ITP Camp 2017

Rules of Play / Code of Conduct

Session Leaders: Kate Hartman Arielle Hein

Tags: #codeofconduct #rulesofplay #community #transparency

Created By: Kate Hartman

Camp is beautiful and Camp is hard. Our constantly shifting structure means that we need to be extra careful to be good to each other in our learning and making. We are committed to building a safe, respectful, and positive community for all of our campers, camp counselors, session leaders, staff, and administrators. It is our mission to treat everyone both as fairly and equally as possible.

For this reason we are looking to implement a Rules of Play / Code of Conduct for ITP Camp.

We have a draft here:

But we are eager to have this document to reflect the collective voice of ITP Camp.

Please join us to review and revise this document and to share your thoughts and perspectives. We will also share the feedback that we've gotten to date. Hope to see you there!


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