ITP Camp 2017

Offsite - Jump Rope!

Session Leaders: Darren Solomon Sophia van Valkenburg

Tags: #Exersize #MeatSpace #Outdoors

Created By: Darren Solomon

Come jump rope!

Punk Rope is a "mash-up of rope jumping and recess". I've been doing it for years & it's really fun. It has an inclusive and enthusiastic vibe that feels similar to ITP.

The folks who run Punk Rope have invited us to join Monday's class for free. It's outdoors, on the East River, so you can watch the boats and enjoy the summer evening as you jump.

It works for any level of fitness and jump rope skill. Ropes are provided.

Here's the location, see you there!

The class is about a 30-minute walk from ITP - if you'd like to walk over together, Sophia will be leaving from the 4th floor elevators at 6:20pm.


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