ITP Camp 2017

BYOB (Build Your Own Board)

Session Leaders: Esther Hersh Gustavo Abbott

Tags: #pcomp #pcb fab

Created By: Esther Hersh

Do you buy multiple arduinos for different projects and spend a lot on sensors and breakout boards? Do you want to take your prototypes past the breadboard? In this workshop we’ll show you how to build your own boards. We’ll spend the first 10-15 minutes talking about PCB’s and the different ways we can make them. The next hour and a half will be a cooking demonstration. We will walk through all of the steps of making a pcb for a 555 timer. This will just be a brief overview, but if there is sufficient interest, this workshop can be followed by more thorough tutorials in smaller groups. The method used in this demonstration will be acid etching and we will use through hole parts.


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