ITP Camp 2017

One Pixel at a time: Image processing for Programming newbies

Session Leaders: Sejo Vega-Cebrian

Tags: #image #processing #pixels #filters #programming #loops #conditionals #diy

Created By: Sejo Vega-Cebrian

In this introductory session we will cover the basic components of computation: conditional statements (if - else) and loops (while, for), and we will use them to manipulate the pixels of an image.

We will uncover the power of repetitive structures, and we will discover how easy it is to create filters like grayscale conversion, inversion, posterization, brightness/saturation/dynamic range adjustment, distortions, and some creations of our own. Let's unleash the potential of custom-made software, and forget for a while about closed image editing tools.

Our tool will be Processing, and we'll be able to apply our procedures to static images, pre-recorded videos, and live cam feed. We'll also see how to save the output of our sketches as new images.

Download Processing from:

Session notes:


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