ITP Camp 2017

Futurama: emerging trends in technology and life

During the session we would go through the trend-forecasting agencies and how they work.

During 2010 the Telegraph reported: Trend-spotting is the new £36bn growth business. With fortunes to be made in fickle businesses like fashion, trend forecasting is becoming increasingly important for creative industries.

Trend forecasting is a good example of big-data driven services.

I would summarize and give an overview of the latest trends (from tech and innovation to science and leisure), moods, movements, predictions on what people would want/need/buy and what would be "hot" in 2018-2019 years based on the reports from WGSN / Percels / Fashion Snoops.

The session would be of a great value for everyone and designed to give you a rare insight where to apply your creativity and business ideas before everybody else.

We would finish by discussing personal vision of what would be there in the future for us and hopefully new business ideas will be born this day :)

Stay tuned!


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