ITP Camp 2017

Rapid cardboard prototyping: A quick-n-dirty workshop

Session Leaders: Daveed

Tags: #prototyping #cardboard

Created By: Daveed

This session will be an intro/refresher on quickly creating 3d objects out of 2d materials.

We will focus on cardboard, but many of the strategies are useful for other materials as well (wood, plastics, sheet metal etc).

This is a work session! You are welcome to bring ideas you want to try out. We will take ideas we have for 3d shapes, plot them out into 2d planes, cut those pieces out using knifes, rulers and laser cutters, and assemble them using hot glue.

Special consideration will be made to structural strength, good practice with tools, and taking advantage of the malleable qualities cardboard/paper offers for hands-on-thinking flow.

Light cardboard will be provided. Step on in anytime.


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