ITP Camp 2017

Open planning session: Be a part of Kids Day!

Session Leaders: Daveed Kar David P Jaycee Hermida Holmes

Tags: #Kids #community #family

Created By: Daveed

This session devoted to planning of kids day. This year it will be on Wednesday the 21st, 4-7pm.

Kids day is held every year at camp. Campers bring their children (of all ages) and their friends, and a section of the floor is dedicated to small open drop-in drop-out sessions geared especially for the little ones.

Do you have a session you'd like to propose/lead? Or a work of your own you'd like to present to a younger public?

Come to this session to tell us about it. We have materials and some budget for this.

And if you cant make it, shoot either me, counselor Kar or Jaycee and email!


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