ITP Camp 2017

Lets Make an ITP Cryptocurrency

Session Leaders: Meredith F

Tags: #itp #code #cryptocurrency #ethereum #bitcoin #commerce #debt #feminism

Created By: Meredith F

What would we do with an ITP currency? Trade it for Ron Bobs? I don't know but lets brainstorm together.

Don't know a bitcoin from a dollar bill - No Problem! We'll cover that too. Lets put ITP on the blockchain!

In the course of this workshop cum skill share cum facilitated discussion we will create our own open source Ethereum token for the ITP community. We will build the initial the rules of the currency and discuss use cases. Do we want to create a token that can invest in or provide access to ITP projects? Do we want a DAO? Do we want a token that students and alums can use in their own projects?

We will look at some tokens created by companies such as Consensys, and at alternative currencies online and offline. In thinking about these topics I have been influenced by David Graeber, Silvia Federici, Bernard Lietaer, and Charles Eisenstein - and essentially the back catalogue of Verso.

At Print All Over Me, the company that I run, we are implementing our loyalty/royalty program with Ethereum tokens. This is something we have been investigating for 3 years and only now feel that the technology has arrived to let us do what we want. I would love to experiment with the ITP community to make a fantastic open source cryptocurrency that we all can use in new and unexpected ways.


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Amos B June 12, 2017, 9:54 pm

Let\'s have an ICO, and raise money from the alumni community!