ITP Camp 2017

Plot(ting) Devices - Controlling Machines that Can Cut and Draw

Session Leaders: Antonius Janet J

Tags: #fabrication #materials #vinyl cutting #design

Created By: Antonius

Plotting machines allow computer numeric control of a blade to cut thin materials in very precise shapes and depths. The blade could also be replaced with pens, including conductive ink-filled ones, to draw very intricate patterns. ITP is in possession of three: the Silhouette Cameo, the Silhouette Curio, and the Craft Robo Pro. This workshop will cover the basics of using these machines.

Go from vectors to cut outs. Make your own stickers. Cut out a ransom note. Create vinyl resists for PCBs. Cut things that are not laser cuttable, such as metals and materials that release toxins. This will be a hands-on workshop.

If you'd like, come prepared with a vector file to cut your own vinyl laptop sticker.

Link to the Google Slides here:


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