ITP Camp 2017

EcoBlockchain Session #2: Meta-Data As Cognitive Love Letter To Future Knowledge Workers: Sentiment Analysis, Semantic Parsing,

Cybernetic AI/Human partnerships require humans to learn new techniques to realize the full capabilities of Human/Machine knowledge partnership. Join us for as long as you like as you complete your project for the show, and we can see where a chatbot, AI Knowledge Repository or Blockchain Identity could fit in your project. You will gain increased abilities to spot the many AI frameworks in your life, while learning how to improve your relationships and agency with AI. You will also learn how to create your first triple-authenticated Blockchain Identity which we will authenticate via your Twitter, Facebook and Github accounts so you have your first attributable blockchain identity with it's own digital wallet, so you can embed your payment details and other information in every digital artifact you create.

Meta-tagging of data is like leaving a love note for future knowledge workers. It's kind of like those amazing notes my wife leaves in my briefcase, attached to some magazine article she has clipped for me, because she knows me so well, and knows the article will give me inspiration & other socio-cognitive benefits. Meta-tagging data with your authenticated and attributable blockchain identity ensures that anyone using your valuable data, made ever more valuable by your specification activities, can compensate you for your work.

Alexa, I feel like you barely understand me But what if our relationship with AI and chatbot decision support systems is in a rocky patch? Chatbot and AI Couples Therapy is needed to establish more conscious and deliberate systems to actively work on our relationships with the AI and Cognitive Intelligence frameworks we have come to rely on, and more importantly,  a method for identifying the many hidden AI systems which we have given great power.

How many AI and Automation Services that you use give you the ability to adjust the underlying Persona Sentiment, the general picture the application has of who you really are, and what you really want?

If an application or service collects data on you, develops a dynamic impression of who you are, and what you want, Shouldn't there be a Persona & Identity Specification Interface for users to adjust the AI's impression of our persona and identity. How do we get what we want from the world, and more specifically from our digital systems, applications and services, if we don't have ultimate control over our Digital Personas and Identity?

This workshop will examine Identity within the blockchain space, and examine several novel approaches to semantic specification and Data Mining of Social Network Identities as a primary force in predictive insight generation, election influence, product promotion, and overall cognitive mapping of human interactions.

Systems Of Systems & Complex Adaptive Systems Dynamics are easily identifiable once you learn the right signals and methods for Exposition and Discovery of these systems.

With the right frameworks and interface modules, we can establish our own Cybernetic Governance Models & Regulations which set the stage for our initiating Corporate Use Agreements which we can assign to our personal or business data by way of Semantic Specification activities that we can quickly and intensively apply across an entire organization, or personal knowledge management framework. AI Relationship Management is not just for data scientists & the occasional looping in of the creative strategists & agencies. Semantic Reasoning Boot camp will quickly shift your businesses orientation, and your creative design process to the powerful tools currently available for organizing knowledge systems so they keep up with the rapidly advancing abilities of our technology frameworks.

The Sense Collective has spent 2 years developing our own tools and plug-ins, as well as several physical computer and sensor frameworks which give regular citizens and businesses access to cooperative knowledge frameworks. These powerful computational collective intelligence systems have mainly been used by hedge funds, and recently political campaigns for the 2-way leverage they provide for: -Analyzing natural language expression -Extracting useful predictive insights -Finding just the right language to use in outgoing communications meant to influence someone's opinion or action. (this is currently used as more of a dark art, we will discuss defense against the dark arts type work as well as methods to use this force for human benefit).

Watson, Alexa, and the as-yet nameless automation systems AI of the near future provide decision support and governance for automation of driverless cars, robot factory workers, etc. This will surely put some people out of work, but the most powerful performance to be realized from these systems comes when domain experts partner with AI in active coordinated strategies which continuously feed back human-specifications for realtime refinement as the AI continuously learns and optimizes what us human operators specify as the ideal result of the system.


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jonnydubowsky June 22, 2017, 8:13 pm

This will be a round-table discussion where we will also explore Blockchain from a social and cultural perspective, an economics model analysis, and an opportunity for us to experiment with new methods for cooperative computational activities.

jonnydubowsky June 24, 2017, 6:03 am

Hi- Thanks for a great workshop! I will update several links throughout the day today and post a questionaire for Tuesday evening\'s Introduction To Blockchain workshop, which will cover all the useful aspects, and technical items, wallet management, trading, etc. We will also examine some use cases in the world where blockchain is demonstrated to add a benefit beyond what a LAMP stack would offer. Toaster ovens don\'t need smart contracts or immutable ledgers.
To get you started, here\'s a great intro to Ethereum, and this blog in general is very good: