ITP Camp 2017

Audience Engagement Strategies for your Interactive Project

Session Leaders: Ann B Erika Howard

Tags: #outreach #engagement #audiences #community #television #documentaries #film #television #live events

Created By: Ann B

Engaging audiences for interactive projects can take many forms, ranging in scope from a quick swipe to fully immersive AR/VR projects. Community engagement campaigns can look very different and yield a variety of outcomes including; user comments, exhibition touch screens, and live event that bring people together for a group experience. All of these different types of audience engagement can connect communities of interest and deepen the impact of the project that you have created and plan to share with the world.

Workshop presenter Erika Howard is the Director of Audience Engagement and Special Projects at POV, television's longest-running showcase for independent non-fiction films. Since 1988, the Emmy Award winning POV series has been sharing the boldest and most innovative documentaries with American audiences on PBS and through its online presence with POV Digital. Erika is joined by documentary filmmaker and multimedia producer, Ann Bennett, whose PBS credits include, “Through A Lens Darkly: Black Photographers and the Emergence of a People”, “Citizen King”, “Fisk Jubilee Singers” and “Africans in America”.

During this informal, hour long workshop, Erika and Ann will share their experiences with creating outreach campaigns for community engagement and audience participation. The discussion topics will include; identifying target audiences, creating a strategic outreach campaign, content development, and online presence as well as the importance of both quantitative and qualitative analytics and reporting.




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