ITP Camp 2017

Camp Cleanup

Session Leaders: ITP Camp

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Created By: Kate Hartman

This is a time to clean up and pack up. We will be breaking down the counselor stand. You will be clearing out your blue bins and lockers, cleaning up from the night before, and claiming all your personal belongings.

Hours: The Floor will be open regular hours.

Sessions: Please do not post any sessions on Clean Up Day. If you would like to request an exception to this, please ask Kate.

Working on Projects: You can work on projects on this day so long as it doesn't interfere with any clean up activities and you clean up after yourselves.

Counselor Availability: Counselors will be on shift all day EXCEPT 12-1:30 when Counselor HQ will be closed for our end-of-camp counselor celebration. Counselors will be primarily be focused on Camp Cleanup but can answer other questions pending availability.

Lockers: Please empty your locker and return the lock to a counselor by 4PM on Thursday. At 4:00 we will begin inspecting and emptying lockers. You are welcome (and encouraged) to return your lock sooner than that. To return a lock, please hand it directly to a counselor and tell them your name. DO NOT leave your lock on your empty locker or leave it sitting on the counselor desk. You must return it to a counselor who will mark it as returned in our system.

Blue Bins: Blue Bins (in the shop) as well as ALL other personal belongings must be cleared out by 11PM on Thursday, June 29th.


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