ITP Camp 2017

The Rise of Zombie Motors

Motors are in tons of consumer electronics and serve a range of functions, from the vibration motors common in mobile devices, to the DC motors in RC cars and drones, to the super precise stepper motors in 3-D printers.

In this session, we will go over various methods for controlling different motors, from the simplest button-based circuit, to more complex motor-control circuits and microcontroller based methods, you can choose the level of complexity that suits your motor-based idea.

Bring along your old electronics and we can pull the motors out of them. For example, old Walkmen or CD players, the fans within PC computer towers, dead mechanical children’s toys such as the dreaded Furby or even an old electric toothbrush. Also bring an Arduino or the microcontroller of your choice if possible.

Link to powerpoint from this session: And my site: Feel free to contact me with motor related questions!


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