ITP Camp 2017

Video Editing: Timing, Montage and Collage

Editing video documentation of your work is an art in and of itself. From the plethora of video mash-ups of news footage and current events on YouTube, to the montage-based video works of artists Christian Marclay and Natalie Bookchin, it is clear that the meaning of the video lies not just in what you film, but how you cut it together.

In this session we will go over the basics of editing for meaning in Adobe Premiere Pro. Some video clips will be provided for practice, but feel free to also bring your own, be they family home videos, your old collection of Buffy clips, or clips ripped from YouTube, this will be a fun and hands-on learning session.

Download a free trial of Adobe Premiere Pro prior to attending. *

*(Note, other video editing software is also acceptable! Basic principals are transferable, but the layout and tool icons may be slightly different)
Note: I'll add some screenshots from the tech demo to this presentation when I have time. Check back in about a week! -Kat


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