ITP Camp 2017

Launch Weekend: Intro to 3D Modeling

Session Leaders: David Tracy

Tags: #launchweekend #3D #fabrication #beginner

Created By: Arielle Hein

An introductory session about 3D modeling for design, fabrication, and VR.

We'll be working with a trial version of Rhinoceros, but many of these concepts translate into other modeling platforms, such as SketchUp, Maya, Cinema4D, Blender.

Please download a 90 day trial of Rhino here:

We'll go over the basics of 3D modeling, common considerations for VR and game engines, and interfacing with other applications and outputting information for Laser Cutters, Mills, and 3D printers.

If you're interested in Game Engines and VR, please download and install Unity Engine:

If you're interested in 3D printing on the MakerBots at ITP, please download and install Makerbot Print:

The format of this session will be a short lecture (30 mins) followed by a hands-on workshop (60-90 mins).

Open to Campers of all backgrounds and skill levels, although the emphasis will be on fundamental concepts.

Please download this file: Into to Rhino Work File

Link to a previously recorded session covering many of the same tools: Recording of Session


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