ITP Camp 2017

Get Started With Neural Networks & Machine Learning!

In this beginners workshop we will go over a variety of open-source machine learning projects, explore and discuss how we can use them for our art/design/etc. endeavours - and train a small neural network.

To get you started quickly, we skip most of the maths & theory and dive right into this fascinating world in two parts:


We have a quick look at existing neural networks and machine learning implementations that can serve as artistic tools for
• sound generation
• text/handwriting generation
• image recognition/generation
• interaction
and talk about basic workflows.

Hands-on Fun

We then train and run interactive sound/visual experiments with wekinator open source software.

Highly recommended as a great follow up on this topic: Gene Kogan's sessions later in June

Get Ready

Please download the wekinator-software and the quick-start-pack prior to the session.


Pretty much all info (and much more than we can cover) will stay on the git-page.


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