ITP Camp 2017

CURA Software - Pro Tips, Tricks, and What's Happening Under the Hood

Session Leaders: Matthew Griffin

Tags: #3D printing

Created By: Ultimaker Community Team

Open source Cura software cura software, actively developed by the Ultimaker software team in collaboration with the community, continues to be the widest adopted 3D printer control software across the desktop 3D printing landscape. Ultimaker uses it, top competitors to Ultimaker use it, and machine builders use it develop, tweak, and test brand new printers and other fabrication robots.

While novices love how easy Cura makes it to prepare your model for 3D printing, there is considerable power under the hood for expert users. Over 200 settings to adjust to your needs, and a newly updated structure for managing profiles for machines, toolheads, platforms, materials, and models, as well as some great new resources for developing your own Cura plugins.

In this session, we will explore basic and advance use of the software, including going under the hood to better understand how the parts of Cura fit together, and how you can draw on these resources to better understand your CuraEngine slicing options, new features related to printer/job management, and other unexpected purposes you can put to Cura. Attendees will master a handful of the most critical settings and options, and become familiar with the best resources to explore these many complex, interdependent options in greater detail for futher study.

Because Cura is open source, our community (including Ultimaker competitors!) helps to enrich it even more with each new version launched. Session will include details how you can participate in the development of this software via Github, Ultimaker Community, your own hosted profiles and solutions, creating your own plugins, and more.


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