ITP Camp 2017

The Components of Interactive Application Design

Session Leaders: Amos B

Tags: #web #mobile #physical #apps #planning

Created By: Amos B

Have an idea for an app or product, but don't know where to start? We will dive into the known unknowns of digital production Databases, interfaces, APIs, front-end, back-end, design, frameworks, platforms, user experience design.... what are all these things and how do they fit together to actually make something useful and interesting?

This session is meant to teach you the parts that make up a contemporary application. And we will review the architecture of how these parts fit together, the roles of people involved in such projects, and recommendations on future sessions to attend to learn the nuts and bolts necessary to bring your idea to fruition.

This session will be entirely lecture, conversation, and drawing on an artificial chalk board. No coding or actual engineering will take place, so breathe easy.

A preliminary outline of proposed discussion points


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