ITP Camp 2017

Laser Cut Stencils

Session Leaders: Vanessa Rosa

Tags: #laser cut #stencil #street art #art

Created By: Vanessa Rosa

Learn how to use a laser cutter to paint anything you want with the stencil technique! From Street Art and art installations projects to customizing t-shirts and much more, laser cut stencils offer beautiful and complex designs with little effort.

30 min *Talk about art projects that use complicated stencils or laser cut as their main technique. Plus, other possibilities of DIY projects with stencils.. 10 min - *How to prepare a file for the laser cutter - accepted formats, softwares that can be used (open source and adobe softwares) *Basic explanations about the laser - materials, types of machines, different prices 60 min - * Each student will make an exercise of how to transform a picture into a stencil, several stencils and files examples will be presented. They will follow the transformation of a photograph into a stencil file and then do the same with a similar picture of their choice. 50 min - * The pieces developed by the students will be cut. They have to be small pieces from 2 to 4 min cutting time (depends on how many lasers the space offers) * Basic explanation of how to use the laser in the process: turning on the smoke exhaust and the laser, downloading files to the laser, speed/intensity according to choosen materials, putting the material on the laser board, verifying laser calibration, origin point, cutting area box, firing the laserrrr. * Basic explanation of how to use a spray can for a stencil and other possible painting techniques. In this moment it's necessary to go to an open space or a painting booth.


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