ITP Camp 2017

How to Create a ChatBot with RiveScript

Session Leaders: Daniel Shiffman

Tags: #chatbots #text #javascript #programming

Created By: Daniel Shiffman

This session is a collaboration with TheWriter. We'll discuss a brief history of "chatbots" (computer programs designed to have a text-based conversation with a human user) and examine the landscape of tools and frameworks for creating them. We'll then build our own chatbots using RiveScript, a simple scripting language with a friendly, easy to learn syntax (no programming experience necessary!). After we build some simple chatbots, we'll look at how RiveScript can be integrated in a web application with JavaScript.


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Jaye N. June 15, 2017, 2:16 pm

I\'m trying to build a chatbot in Rivescript...I need help. Is anyone working on this currently that can help me?