ITP Camp 2017

Arduino to Go: Servo Motors and Project development

This is a follow up to the first Arduino To Go Session, but you did not need to attend the first session to come to this one.

We will cover the basics of using servo motors with the Arduino, including how to synchronize servo motion utilizing more advanced Arduino programming (custom functions and mapped sensor values). We will also use this session to build motion-based small scale kinetic projects and help with developing the projects you want to build during camp. If you have a servo motor bring it, but we will have some motors to borrow. We will provide a variety of materials to help make your session projects happen.

We will also spend the latter part of this session discussing techniques for project management. How can you breakdown your physical computing ideas into manageable parts in order to tackle more complicated projects?

What to bring: Laptop (with Arduino IDE installed if possible), Arduino Uno, USB cord, Breadboard. We will have some Arduino Unos, cables and breadboards to loan for the session.

Other parts will be available to borrow for the purpose of the session.

We will be referencing our in process book project Arduino To Go, as well as Jody's breadboard and Arduino comics.

Where to get get parts?

Online vendors:

Adafruit is in Brooklyn, short turn-around time for shipping

Sparkfun Electronics

Maker Shed online store

Arduino site You can buy an Uno directly from the Arduino site.

Servo City

Local stores:

Tinkersphere is located at 304 East 5th Street, within walking distance. They have a pretty extensive stock available at the store.

Microcenter is located in Sunset Park, and has a number of components (including inexpensive off-brand Arduino Unos).

We will be referencing both our in-process book project Arduino To Go, as well as Jody's breadboard and Arduino comics.

Another very useful link: Arduino Software Reference

Slides for this session are available here There are a few more resources listed on the slides.


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Kelly M June 15, 2017, 11:45 am

In case I won\'t be able to make it to this one, will there be notes / slides?