ITP Camp 2017

Saturday Sessions: playing with touchscreens

Session Leaders: Kevin Stirnweis

Tags: #saturdaysessions #making #p5.js #touch

Created By: Kevin Stirnweis

Saturday Sessions are a chance for campers to not only learn but to apply their skills and make something, with opportunities to work individually or collaboratively. Think of them like hackathons but a lot more chill. There will be an introduction to the tools and concepts for those unfamiliar at the beginning of the sessions, and counselors to assist everyone throughout.

For the first session we will look at p5.js and its capabilities with touch screens. You can make a drawing app, a game, procedural art that responds to a touch input, whatever comes to your mind. Projects have the opportunity to be featured on the screens in the hallway which take up to 8 touch inputs.


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