ITP Camp 2017

HCI or HHI in Live Events and Public Spaces

Session Leaders: So Sun Park

Tags: #physical #live events #theatre #public space #human interaction #play

Created By: So Sun Park

Share various artists' public installation or artistic designs that encourage Human to Human interaction (HHI) in public events or spaces via technologies, thinking about how HCI or tech influence people's impression and actions at different events or spaces.

Edited) We are going to go through the interactive public installation examples and what devices or languages were used in those. Then, we will try out basic examples of LEAP motion hand motion controller, Kinect 2 - which would help you to develop the ideas about human interactions.

If you want to use LEAP, download LEAP SDK ( Windows, Mac ) and Unity gaming engine. Also, download this github repo which has good LEAP motion X Unity examples you can play around with.

For Kinect 2, download Processing (not P5). Windows people might want to download this Kinect2 SDK as well..


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ZoeB June 11, 2017, 4:09 pm

Really sad to miss this session, would love to see slides/a recording / any possible content, thanks!! :)

So Sun Park June 15, 2017, 3:47 pm