ITP Camp 2017

Roll Your Own Studio

Session Leaders: josh michaels

Tags: #business #businessart

Created By: josh michaels

New York is home to some of the best known and most acclaimed creative technology studios at all scales. From smaller studios like Fake Love, Office for Creative Research, and Data & Society to larger brand-name conglomerates - you can find pretty much everything here.

At some point most of these studios were just a couple of people and a contract trying to get started. How did they go from that to world recognition?

In this workshop we will discuss the process of starting your own studio. We will start by discussing the practicalities of independent practice (one-person studio) and tiny studios (a few people). From there we will explore how these businesses can grow and change over time.

Through the discussion we will explore career opportunities in the creative technology space in studios of all scales. Starting your own studio is extremely challenging and for most people the best option is to join an existing studio.

This session is for anyone who has any interest in working independently, starting their own studio or business, or joining an existing studio in the creative technology space. Many of the lessons are more generally applicable outside of creative technology.


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Rudi-Renoir June 11, 2017, 3:16 pm

I did read this book:

Unfortunately my abstract is in german not in english. I might translate it, then you can get it by emailing me at