ITP Camp 2017

Coloring with Basquiat (Field Trip)

Session Leaders: josh michaels

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Created By: josh michaels

Field Trip - Off Campus - Weather Permitting

Visit the grave of Jean-Michel Basquiat, hang out, and color with crayons. Located in the historic and expansive Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, Basquiat's grave is a mecca for artists who appreciate his work and story. Actually I have no idea who or how many people go there, but this is the third year I've organized this and it is consistently inspiring and enjoyable.'


Thank you for signing up to participate in the Coloring with Basquiat field trip. This field trip is weather dependent. Bring your crayons.

(1) Check your e-mail before heading out to make sure I haven't announced any changes.

(2) The meeting point is Basquiat's grave in the historic Green-Wood cemetery in Brooklyn. I will arrive there on Saturday around 1PM and will stay until around 2:30PM. You are welcome to arrive any time, but I encourage you to arrive earlier than later.

(3) There are several entrances to Green-Wood and depending on which entrance you take the route to get to the grave is different. I recommend taking the F or G to Church Avenue Station. From there it is a short walk to the Eastern Entrance off Ft. Hamilton. The following directions are from that entrance.

Enter the grounds on Ft. Hamilton Parkway near McDonald Ave. Make a left when you enter the cemetery (the road is called Border Avenue) and take it to “Grape Avenue.” When you reach the intersection of “Fir Avenue,” start cutting through diagonally until you reach a row of small headstones.

The full map is available here (ask for one at the entrance):

Map of Green-Wood

If you get lost you can call me here: +1 (206) 683-4962

(4) I recommend watching at least one of the following two films in advance.

The Radiant Child - A comprehensive documentary on Basquiat's life. This will probably leave you a little down, but it contains critical lessons about the art world especially in regard to race.

Watch The Radiant Child

Downtown 81 - If Radiant Child got you down, this will lift you up. Imagine you're making a film about the art scene in New York in the early 80s and then you find this kid Jean-Michel who is just getting started to be the lead actor. Only you don't finish the film till after he is gone and famous, and you lost much of the sound along the way.

Watch Downtown 81

See you out there,



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