ITP Camp 2017

Shader Shakedown: Embracing the Modern Computer Graphics Pipeline

Session Leaders: Michael Simpson

Tags: #graphics #shaders #glsl #opengl #webgl #gpu

Created By: Michael Simpson

Shaders offer a gateway to harnessing the massive computational power of the GPU. This power brings the possibility for transforming your programmed graphics without hindering the performance. In this session we will walk through the modern graphics pipeline and look at the different applications that shaders can be used for. We will talk through the jargon and look at the boiler plate associated with using shaders in in Processing using GLSL.

Participants can expect to leave with enough overview of the modern graphics pipeline and shaders to be able to dive deeper and learn more about this fascinating subject. This workshop also aims to be practical and I hope that everyone will walk out feeling like they have another new tool in their toolkit and can begin learning how to better use it.


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David Lasday June 21, 2017, 11:30 am