ITP Camp 2021

interactions with technology lab june 26th 11:30-2:30pm in person and zoom

Session Leaders: cari ann shim sham

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Created By: cari ann shim sham

How can we as artists interact with technology to create new ideas? What technologies work well with moving bodies? And what exactly is a dance? All these questions and more will be explored through experiments, assignments and lab activities.

This lab provides a space to study and practice the art of composing the body's interaction with the projected technology of processing sketches, allowing immersion in the practice of moving with, against, inside of, along side of and through these technologies. To deepen our understanding through practice we will experiment with making dances based on improvisational scores created together as a group during LAB time.

Software used will be Processing. Systems will include laptop computers, projectors, screens and dance studio. Studio 1 will serve as the LAB space.

We will have in person for those with screeners and a zoom option as well for others to watch and interact.

Demetris Charalambous, tisch dance 3rd year bfa will join us as a guest dancer, artist, assistant to cari ann shim sham*.

In person at Tisch Dance, 111 2nd ave on 4th floor *you must already have an active NYU ID via the ITP Camp Studio Access option or as NYU faculty or student and complete the daily screener to attend in person, if you have this email to rsvp