ITP Camp 2021

Planning for ITP Camp 2022

Session Leaders: Kate Hartman

Tags: #brainstorming #2022 #itp camp

Created By: Kate Hartman

From 2010 to 2019, ITP Camp ran exclusively in-person at 721 Broadway in Manhattan. 2020 was our first online ITP Camp. 2021 was our first hybrid ITP Camp, and our first time using the new ITP/IMA facilities in Brooklyn.

Over the years we've also explored running ITP Camp events at different times of day. Originally Camp ran exclusively on nights and weekends to accommodate people coming during non-work hours. But as we saw an increase in camp participants who were educators, freelancers, or taking the month off for camp, we started to allow sessions in the afternoon, and eventually in the morning. In 2020 (after many years of resisting the idea) we started to record sessions to allow for asynchronous engagement.

What will ITP Camp 2022 be like? There will be many decisions to be made! Keep it hybrid? Return to 100% in-person? To record or not to record? What times of day?

This session is an opportunity for community consultation about format and planning for ITP Camp 2022. Bring your thoughts and ideas!