ITP Camp 2021

Steal This! The Picasso school of screenwriting, songwriting, and more

Session Leaders: Wale' O.

Tags: #songwriting #sampling #beatmaking #screenwriting #drawing #coding #storytelling

Created By: Wale' O.

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” - Picasso (but he probably got it from someone else)

Let's learn some of the best ways to "steal" to jazz up our art. We'll discover tools to help us in our careers in theft. We'll be: 1) boosting chord progressions and rhyme schemes from songs 2) snatching plot beats and premises from movies 3) sampling 4) jacking art styles from mangakas and other comic book artists 5) getting a 5-finger discount on written prose

We'll also cover examples of these theft techniques in action. If we have time, we'll talk about how literal theft has been responsible for amazing art!