ITP Camp 2021

Spreadsheets as a Tool for Creative Expression

Session Leaders: Alexander King

Tags: #unconventional #tools #spreadsheets #games #beginner-friendly

Created By: Alexander King

All too easy to dismiss, the humble spreadsheet is often overlooked by creative professionals. Seen as a mere office tool, fit only for accounting and other ignoble tasks.

But it doesn't need to be this way! We can put it to much better uses. Let me re-introduce you to this surprisingly versatile tool and medium, as we examine one of the oldest and most ubiquitous computational environments ever developed.

We'll explore spreadsheets as a creative tool and look at uses for artists, game designers and creative coders. It's a prototyping environment, database, procedural generator, map-maker, and a low-rent and flexible way to do most any computational task. The workshop will culminate in making some digital art of our own within the confines of this rectilinear world.

No experience necessary. All you'll need is a browser and google sheets.