ITP Camp 2021

Bona fide or Bogus? The Science and Wisdom that lies in Astrology and Tarot

Session Leaders: Ranna Adhikari

Tags: #ITP #AncientWisdom #Astrology #Tarot #Science #Philosophy #Divination #Culture

Created By: Ranna Adhikari

Ever read a bizarre daily horoscope and freaked out? Ever watched a Tarot reading on YouTube which seemed to be resonating? Ever turned to Zodiac sign compatibility tests to check if you’d get along with certain people? And amidst all this, ever questioned the credibility of it all? If so, you’ve come to the right place! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never gotten your chart read or if you’ve never gotten a Tarot reading for yourself. What matters is the curiosity to explore the truth that lies in these ancient divination tools. In this session, I will be talking about how these tools work, when they work and when they don’t. I won’t be turning this into a boring history session, don’t worry! Additionally, we will also talk about how the portrayal of Astrology and Tarot in mainstream media affects our perception of it. The floor is open for discussion and contrasting opinions. You could also just join in with a beverage and chill with the group! Bonus: Towards the end, if time permits, I’m open to pulling out some positive message cards!