ITP Camp 2021

“Recycling” is a myth. Let's talk about maximizing the life cycle of manufactured materials

Session Leaders: Molly

Tags: #design #manufacturing #recycling #biosphere #plastics #aluminum #glass #metals

Created By: Molly

 Plastic is a resource and we have made a lot of it. How should we use it to maximize its lifespan?

 Humans have used the recourses of the earth to create materials for industrial design and intervention. The life span of these materials effects the lasting impact that these innovations are leaving on the planet.

 Something that is different from our technology's vs. those of most other animals is that ours can not be broken down into their natural parts at the end of their usage period. 

 There is a responsibility now that we can take on as designers for refiguring how to best use all the plastic we have created. It may turn out that we do not need to make more for 100 years if we took full advantage of the material's properties and understand its limitations. 

 This mission of optimizing the life cycle of materials goes beyond plastic to metals, glass, wood and more. Lets work together to start the conversation and work on ideating plans of action for the health of the biosphere.