ITP Camp 2021

Getting to Know Spectrometers

Session Leaders: tigoe

Tags: #light #microcontrollers #arduino #spectrometers

Created By: tigoe

In an effort to understand the state of the practice in lighting now, I've been testing a few spectrometers. In short, the properties you may be familiar with, e.g. intensity, luminous flux, illuminance, luminance, exitance, etc) only tell part of the story. Lyn introduced me to the concept of melanopic equivalent daylight Illuminance (EDI), and in order to understand it a bit better I want to measure the properties involved. Hence, spectrometers.

I have a handful of spectrometer breakout boards from AMS that I need to get to know. This involves reading the data sheets and translating into the terms related to how I plan to use them. This is something you have to do to use any sensor effectively. Having others reading the same material and asking questions will speed this process up. If you're interested in learning how I get to know new sensors, come along.

I've been reading the docs (here are my notes in progress), and building examples with Serial Studio, a tool for looking at sensor data. This will be less of a tutorial and more of a working session, so drop in or out whenever as needed. If you are at ITP, we'll gather at a table or in the conf room, and if you are not, there’s zoom.