ITP Camp 2021

Haptics Demo & Workshop

Session Leaders: Kate Hartman

Tags: #haptics #motors #vibration #physical computing #feedback

Created By: Kate Hartman

This is a follow up for the Haptics! session that happened on June 12th.

We'll spend some time reviewing circuit, code, and live demos of the examples briefly introduced in the previous session. Then there will be time for supported making and studio time for those who want to assemble some of the examples themselves.

Helpful parts if you want to experiment:

These are meant to be used in combination with an Arduino, breadboard, jumper cables, etc. Arduino basics will not be the focus of this session but questions are always welcome.

Note that the Arduino Nano IoT 33 I/O pins only provide 7 mA of DC current (see here under Tech Specs) which is much lower that most other Arduinos. For instance, the Arduino Uno provides 40 mA. This means that the Arduino Nano IoT 33 can drive motors ONLY through the use of a transistor like the TIP 120.

To ask questions about parts or gain access to code samples in advance of session, join the #haptics-2021 channel on Slack.