ITP Camp 2021

Web-based ML tool Fishing: Find the most efficient and suitable CV & ML tool for your P5 sketch!

Session Leaders: Echo Tang

Tags: #p5.js #creative coding #beginner-friendly #machine learning'

Created By: Echo Tang

🤔Have you ever got lost in so many available web-based machine learning tools in terms of how they are used and what's their merits & advantages? Have you ever wasted hours researching on one tool and at the end found out this is not the right fit for your projects?

💐Come and have a 1.5 hour INTRO to ML 101! This session will wrap up fast but solid introductions on web-based ML tools like PoseNet, other ML5 libraries, Runway, and so on, and how to choose among them for a specific project that YOU, are making.

🔧A small demo including how to include and play with those library in p5.js is also provided!