ITP Camp 2021

Foldable design, materials & technics: an insight and practical excercise

Session Leaders: Merel N.

Tags: #itp #foldable design #social design #participatory #performance

Created By: Merel N.

Show-and-tell: an insight into my research and my past work with foldable design, materials, performance, machine learning, kinetic objects, wearables and projection mapping, into fluid ways of being. Including:

  • techniques and excerpts of foldable design, interweaving sexuality and contemporary objects

  • Meandering the world of different materials (paper, plastics, silicone) into foldable objects that are capable of contracting, expanding, glowing or twisting by way of hands, motors, and timers. A contemporary unfolded universe, with pleated patterns and transforming structures, machine learning as hand gestures, programmable LED’s, and projection mapping.

  • physical and digital realm of everyday life, transformed into speculative environments; with examples of kinetic installations and (video) performances, set in public or private domains.

  • participatory & responsive social design, where I investigate the future of touch and the present of feeling connected and being at home with one another in a world that is increasingly impacted by physical separation. It aims to question what the social, personal and artistic implications are of our renewed online dependency, as well as how it affects identity, access, and intimacy, at inner and outer space.

Practical exercise: into the world of folding with folding techniques, please have with you: - 2x paper sheets* 11.29 x 11.29 inches or 28.7cm x 28.7 cm (e.g. Strathmore Charcoal - Blick) // - bic pen red and blue // - pencil // - breakfast knive (blunt top) // - ruler // - cuttingmat (to protect your table - we're not gonna cut) // * I'll provide prepared paper sheets for everyone, you can pick it up from today on (wednesday afternoon) at ITP.

Looking forward seeing you all and sharing : D