ITP Camp 2021

Print-Ready Generative Packaging

Session Leaders: Konrad Krawczyk

Tags: #design #systems #vector #print #product

Created By: Konrad Krawczyk

Have you ever wanted to create unique, personalized packaging styles which actually look good in print?

In this session, we are going to learn how to program a design system to generate fully scalable, print-ready gift boxes, envelopes, and more. We are going to utilize the library Rune.js - the vector-based counterpart of p5.js - and we will apply innovative designs onto some standard packaging patterns, using print-suitable colors and presets. The result is a logistically and graphically scalable design process which you can apply to your product's branding, your office, or just for fun!

You will make the best of this session with some experience with JS and p5.js / other creative coding libraries.