ITP Camp 2021

Design and Deploy Your Live Website or Portfolio

Session Leaders: Jason Zhu

Tags: #webdesign #nocode #portfolio #beginner #webflow #figma #allwelcome

Created By: Jason Zhu

Ever see an amazing website or portfolio and wish you could do the same? Today, tools like Figma and Webflow have made designing and deploying custom-built websites easier than ever.

In this workshop, we’ll cover how to design and implement a custom-built website (no templates and fully live!). By the end of the workshop, you’ll have not only a concrete understanding of how to design and implement websites but also a live site of your own. Hope to see you soon!

About the Session Leader — Jason is the Head of Design at Parthean, a VC backed edtech company based in Soho. Previously, he worked as a design consultant for technology companies, such as Google where he worked on digital activation, student marketing, and content marketing initiatives. He holds a Bachelors of Design from Carnegie Mellon University.