ITP Camp 2021

Show One Thing Show!

Session Leaders: Kate Hartman

Tags: #all camp #launch day #sharing #show #social

Created By: Kate Hartman

The Show One Thing Show is an opportunity for campers to briefly introduce themselves and show a single thing they’ve made/done/want to talk about. Since there are quite a lot of you, we’re going to try to keep it as short as possible (so 30 seconds max). Add your slide by 4:00PM on Friday, June 4th to the slide deck HERE.

And be ready to talk about it veeeery quickly.

What you show doesn’t have to be complicated or complete, and don’t stress about preparing an Oscar acceptance speech - just add something you think will give other campers an idea of what you’re about, and be ready to give a quick explanation of it.

If you can’t make it, but still want other campers to meet you in absentia, just add a slide with the following in the speaker's notes:

  • "PLEASE READ FOR ME" + a maximum of 3 sentences

... and we will read that aloud.

If you miss the 4:00PM cut off time, you can add your slide to the B deck which will be shown at the end, which can be found HERE.

If people still have energy once we've shown all the things, we will open up breakout rooms for socializing.